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Microblading Pros and Cons – Is The Treatment For You?

If someone had said a few years ago we’d be tattooing our eyebrows so they appear fuller, we wouldn’t have believed them. But recently the name on everybody’s lips has been microblading. The latest semi-permanent makeup technique was embraced faster than a new haircut and is at its highest. However, in all of the brow madness, we should not forget that beauty procedures have their scary sides. So, if you still haven’t consulted a cosmetologist about it, check out our list of microblading pros and cons.

But first, what is microblading?

Like we said before, eyebrow microblading is a form of tattooing. Perhaps you were aware of that already. What you might’ve not known is that the pigment is not implemented as deeply into the skin as it is with standard tattoos. Instead, it reaches the papillary layer of the dermis, which makes it not that invasive a procedure. This is why it has a predetermined shelf life.

We are talking about a treatment that obviates the need for applying makeup to fill in the holes in the brow area. A small victory for all women who constantly struggle with that. This not only makes for a more defined complexion but also helps to cut minutes off your morning routine.

Microblading is performed by a technician who knows what they are doing. Well, ideally. They make fine hair strokes into the skin using a specialised hand tool with tiny needles on it. It’s like embroidering. Before it begins, however, the specialist applies a cream on the skin to numb the area. It helps lower the pain and discomfort. The entire session takes about 2-3 hours. Anyone saying it could last less than 60 minutes should be regarded as an amateur.

When done right, microblading creates the illusion that you have thick and proportionate eyebrow hair. The best part? The implanted pigment looks incredibly realistic because it matches the tone of your natural hair. That’s the beauty of it. Of course, we shouldn’t forget that the fine drawing technique plays a huge role too.

The healing process and touch-up

microblading retouch

Although the treatment is gentler than actual tattooing, it is normal for the affected area to feel tender afterwards. You will notice redness and slight scabbing for a few days. Also, the brow tattoo will appear darker at first. However, it will fade once the skin heals. You can expect to lose about 40% of the colour when this happens. Don’t worry, this is actually normal.

About four to six weeks after the initial session, you will need to have a touch-up. This is not to assume that the technician didn’t do a good job. The thing is, there may be areas that failed to catch on the pigment the first time around, so they will need to be refilled. In addition to that, the colour may have to be adjusted. Corrections related to the thickness of the brow may be provided too. For all of these reasons, it is advisable to repeat the procedure.

Pros of microblading

  • Microblading lets you define your eyebrows and never have to worry about their shape or fullness anymore. The procedure is suitable for all skin types and ages.
  • It even works for people who have no eyebrows at all. Those who have been on chemotherapy or are suffering from alopecia can benefit from it as well.
  • Your eyebrows will look fine 24 hours a day. You can go makeup-free, which will decrease your morning routine.
  • The procedure is not as painful as traditional micro pigmentation. In fact, when the right numbing cream is used, you will probably feel no pain at all, just a slight scratching. Of course, that will depend on the way you normally correspond to anaesthesia, as well as your pain threshold.
  • The pigment cannot be washed off and doesn’t fade easily. You will enjoy nicely shaped eyebrows for two years straight. With regular top-up, this period will be prolonged indefinitely.
  • Once the treated area heals, no special care is needed. Feel free to go about your week as you normally would.
  • Microblading not only helps to improve your appearance but also boosts your self-confidence. If the eye area has been your complex your entire life, there is finally something you can do about it.
  • It is budget-friendly. Sessions range in cost from $300 to $1,500 depending on the beautician you go to. In some salons in Singapore, the price can go as high as $2,500, however, you can stick with the less expensive ones.

Cons of microblading

  • It is highly unadvisable to undergo microblading if you have haemophilia, hepatitis, diabetes, broken capillaries, or seborrheic dermatitis. The same applies if you are pregnant or are taking blood thinners. Other people who do not qualify for the treatment are those with heart problems and autoimmune diseases (HIV, etc.)
  • The results may be very natural, but, alas, they are not permanent. They last anywhere from 12 months to three years. Unless you go for a refill, the pigment will begin to fade away, gradually revealing your natural brows. Sun exposure, improper skin care, and the use of some products can speed up the process. Additionally, the timeframe is highly influenced by your age and skin type.
  • The procedure can be risky, especially if the person who is performing it has not received proper training for it.
  • Some people with cosmetic tattoos experience burning and swelling after undergoing MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). Certain colours can affect the results.
  • You may have an allergic reaction to the pigments. Hence, it is paramount to do an allergy test 48 hours prior to the procedure. Bring it up to the practitioner unless they mention it first. A true professional will do their best to eliminate all risks.
  • It will take a whole month for the treated area to heal completely.
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses, exposing your skin to the sun or swimming for a week after getting your brows microbladed. And don’t wear makeup. You want to treat this as an open wound; make sure to keep it from building up dirt or getting wet
  • Unfortunately, the treatment will have no effect on a person with vitiligo.

Since everybody has different medical conditions, our list of advantages and disadvantages is not exhaustive. You need to make your physician familiar with all of the health problems you’ve had or are currently experiencing. Do not omit any information even if you think it’s irrelevant to the case.

The verdict

micorblading before after

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that tends to deliver long-lasting results. It is mainly the dramatic change it achieves that draws so many people to the treatment. Yet, you shouldn’t jump at an opportunity focusing entirely on the positives, overlooking the risks. Don’t make rushed decisions based on emotions. Give it a good thought. Sleep on it. And then, if you are still determined to have the procedure done, find a trained specialist. Let them figure out if you are a suitable candidate and ask as many questions as possible. In the end, make sure to follow an aftercare regimen to avoid complications and maintain the results.

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