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How to Slim Face? Treatments for Face Slimming in Singapore

Did you know there are non-surgical methods that can help improve the shape of your face? A few clinics in Singapore offer the opportunity to make your complexion appear smaller for less than half an hour, no incisions involved. These treatments can be performed during your lunch break, allowing you to go back to work right away. Let’s have a look at them.

What Makes Someone Want to Slim Their Face?

The face receives a lot of attention on a daily basis. This is what we usually look at when talking to someone. Unfortunately, over time it can attain a square shape for varying reasons.

The main culprits for this tendency are the masseter muscles (chewing muscles), positioned on each side of the jaw. Over time they can expand and alter your complexion. For one, it’s genetics and diet that are to blame for the unpleasant aftermath.

Other factors like teeth grinding also affect how the face appears. Bruxism – in medical speak – is a condition in which one clenches their teeth excessively. It can lead to a number of problems, including a square-shaped face. That is a little frustrating for some people, particularly women, who would rather have gentle, feminine features.

Beautician Doctor put Botox to patient

Botox – The Non-surgical Face Slimming Tool

When you think of Botox, you don’t normally associate it with slimming. This is because it was designed to smooth out wrinkles rather than to promote weight loss. Yet, it doesn’t mean that people can’t implement it in their facial slimming treatments. Truth is, the substance can compel the masseter muscles to relax and shrink, which creates a slenderer look.

What does it stand for?

It is an amalgamated name from the words botulinum toxin – a poisonous substance that can paralyse and kill if used in big doses. That said, botulinum is a bacterium found in unsterilized meat that causes food poisoning. So, how come it is implemented in cosmetic procedures then? As we said, the substance is toxic when too much of it is used. Small amounts of Botox have the ability to stop the muscles from contracting and tighten the skin.

How is Botox administered?

It is injected directly into the jaw muscles. Considering its poisonous nature, it has to be noted that everybody needs a different amount of botulinum. Hence, it is vital you choose a certified practitioner to get the job done. They will determine the dosage that’s best for you. A numbing cream will be used to minimise any discomfort that may occur in the treated area.

When will the effects show?

Almost right away, but you should allow a few days for the substance to do its thing. Facial exercise in the jaw will be restricted for several weeks, which will force the muscles to shrink down, giving you that leaner look. There is no recovery period – you can continue your normal routine right away.

How long do the results last?

Not as long as we wish. The effects of the treatment will wear away 4-6 months after the initial procedure. If you are determined to keep your shape slim and nice, you will need a couple of top-ups per year.

results after Botox young woman

What about side effects?

If the procedure is done correctly, you should experience minimal to no side effects. Small redness and bruising are likely to occur at the injection site, but they will disappear quickly. There can be some unusual consequences such as numbness, pain, double vision, swelling, rashes, and bleeding. If you experience any of these, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor.

What will happen if I stop getting top-ups?

At some point, the effects of the treatment will disappear. Gradually, your face will go back to its original shape.


There is a way to enhance your facial features without going under the knife. The results are not permanent, but with regular refills, one can achieve long-term effects. Of course, just like every other procedure, you need to think about the possible risks. It is of greatest importance to seek a good specialist with years of experience under their belt. You need someone who is caring, friendly, and who will listen to you. Don’t settle for anything less than that and you will be fine.

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