Foods to Activate and Rehabilitate your Pineal Gland

Acid-forming and AlKaline-forming are regarded as two separate sorts of food , these latters are led in polar opposite banks . The blood pH balance ; or the part of human homeostasis which its role is making ‘’ proper balance between acids and bases in our body ; “ thrives between 7,35 and 7,57 . Every disease you’d name , starting with fever , cancer , cold and other numerous illnesses are only in an acidic body , the blood then faces an abnormal state , a state that gives birth to calcification of the pineal gland . Acidity takes place as soon as the body pulls out the nutrients out of itself when acid-forming food is consumed .

Decalcifying your pineal gland can easily be reached , simply by having primary ideas about the food you are about to devour, the components and the functions. Thus “ Awaken Your Third Eye “ and readThe following list:

1 – Organic Blue Ice Skate Fish Oil
Carries in its components a very strong substance named , Activator X , the one that chases away the abnormal agglomeration of calcium,and It was discovered by Weston Price.

2 – MSM
Too effective for the detoxification as it strengthens the skin, hair,nails and in the building of the bones .
3 – Raw Cacao
The high antioxidant content in raw cacao makes it one of the powerful detoxifiers, it’s the emperor of magnesium of any food , the planet serves. 314% of the USRDA of iron , prosperity in chromium, anandamide, manganese, zinc , cooper , vitamin C and more are involved uniquely in raw cacao .
4 – Raw Lemon
This yellow rounded fruit that we hurriedly seek when the body feels the approach of an incoming threat . Pour lemon in water and juicy juice , and your pineal gland is detoxified .

5 – Garlic
The smell is quite disturbing yet the positive effects of garlic on the body are worth it. Its function of dissolving calcium and acting as well-built natural antibiotic pushs it to hold the front seats in the “Decalcification Conference “ .
6 – Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
Holds a great detoxification to one’s pineal gland,especially knowing that it contains malic acid.
7 – Oregano oil and Neem extract
This defensive shield rises against every calcium shell that is created by nanobacterias .

8 – Activator X
A very strong dexifier , its power boosts when mixed with vitamin A and D3 , It perishes the calcium from the pineal gland and the arteries by reversing the process of arteriosclerosis . Allowing the enzymatic balance to be restored . In addition to that , it’s a potent catalyst for both mineral absorptionand . The Occurrence of this vitamin is natural and doubled . (phylloquinone) is found in green leafy vegetables and labeled with K1 and (comprised of menaquinones ) that are found in food sources as meats, liver (goose/chicken are best) , and products like cheese or butter . Japanese fermented soybean dish Natto (the richest K2 food source), sauerkraut, marine oils, fish eggs . It’s labeled with k2.

9 – Boron
Found in beets and best consumed by mixing water or other liquids & foods with it.

10 –  Iodine
Under a number of observations,it’s been concluded that it dismisses sodium fluoride from the body-seaweed,and therefore is an extremely essential addition to one’s diet. Vitamins B,D,and Iodine seem to be found with high portions in seaweed vegetables that are dried under the sun. Sea vegetables like wakame,arame,kombu,nori,dulse,and lettuce grown in sea,are all the finest choice.

11 –  Tamarind
The tree of tamarind’s pulp,leaves,and bark are utilized in the making of teas,concentrated
herbal excerts that will aid in defeating fluoride. In Ayurvedic medicine,tamarind is largely needed.
12 – Destilled Water
Drinking watrer that has fluoride is crucially to be avoided.
13. Dark leafy greens
For an alkalized body,and nourished pineal gland; turnip greens,mustard greens,collard greens,bokchoy,and kale are the best to recommend.
14. Noni
These fruits are excelent for the pineal gland cells,as it offers its essential,active ingredient,xeronine. The pulp contains most of this food’s nutritions,and its extracts consist of extratcts from every part of it,not only its juice.
15. Gotu Kola
The tea,its extracts,and the herb as a whole,hold a great deal of gain,as it detoxifies and boosts all of the brain as,and the pineal gland especially. 16. Blue Green Algae : Consists of the largest contents of phyto-nutrient of any recognized algae,without excluding rare trace elements,biologically active enzymes,amino acids,essential fatty acids,minerals,the chlorophyll,Phenylethylamine (PEA),glycol-proteins,complex sugars,vitamins and minerals,the chlorophyll molecule in Blue-green Algae has some similarities with the hemoglobin molecule in one’s blood. They’re made of the same calculus; a central 13th atom,circled by a 12 atoms. The 13th atom at the center in blood,is iron. While Blue-green Algae’s chlorophyll’s central atom,is magnesium Blue-green Algae and of all the food in the world,it contains the highest amounts of chlorophyll.

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